Decorative Films at the Home or Office

In most cases, and for most people, home improvement for windows is purchasing new ones, updating or cleaning curtains, or power washing the windows.  These methods are great and do, in fact, improve the home.  They are not, however, as long lasting and appealing as Window Tinting.  With Spokane Window Tinting, a home will be more aesthetically pleasing, have increases market value, and is protected from the sun’s harmful and damaging UV rays.  Whether you are in the market for a new home or are just looking to upgrade yours to sell it or for its own sake, Spokane Solar Solutions has the incomparable products and services to meet your needs.

Home Window Tinting comes in all sorts of unique styles, designs, colors, and texture.  This provides home or office owners choices for the perfect type of window tint that matches the texture or design of their premises. The designs can even be intermixed for a variety of style that fit your personality.   Some of the available window tinting options includes adhesive, non-adhesive tint, and permanent decorative film. If you want freedom to make adjustment to the window tint, you need to use non-adhesive film. Besides providing freedom to change themes, non-adhesive film is easy to install, remove or reapply.

Unlike other Commercial Window Tinting and Residential Window Tinting, decorative films can be applied to portions of a window only for a style and aesthetic particular to your tastes.  The options are endless and for the most part, up to you.  Decorative Film can be installed on windows that look outside or office doors in a home or commercial space.  A common application is to spruce up the kitchen by putting flowery designs of above-the-sink windows or even glass door cabinetry.  When using these films, you can easily change the mood of a room by adding corner, centerpiece, oval, or border decorative accents. This provides an inexpensive method of adding decoration to any room without breaking your bank account.  Decorative Films are more cost effective than other upgrade methods because they so long lasting and you will not have to do any additional maintenance other than the usual window washing you are used to.

There are several designs of decorative films available for both home and commercial window tinting. These designs include frosted, stained and etched glass that has the effect of adding stunning and pleasing appearances to the windows. Whereas stained glass adds a touch of color by displaying light in several colors, etched and frosted glass provides sparkle designs. Not only do these decorative films add elegance and style to windows, they are also affordable and made of high quality materials.

The Best thing about decorative films is how versatile they are.  There are so many different ways to use it.  If it is privacy you are looking for, decorative films block out windows to rooms or areas that you do not want unwanted eyes peering into.  It accomplishes this while maintaining a style and elegance that you find fitting for your office or home.  Without a doubt, your friends and colleagues will be asking about them.  Be sure and tell them that Spokane Solar Solutions does it the best.


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